Cong TV

Kreativden Talent Influencer - Cong TV

PAAWER! If you’re always on YouTube, then you’ve surely come across one of his videos. Cong Velasquez (known as CONG TV) is one of the country’s top Youtubers with millions of fans. This phenomenal content creator produces one trending video after another. He became famous for his comedic vlogs and witty listicles. Now, he expands […]

Bella Racelis

Kreativden - kreativden talent thatsbella 001

This 19-year-old sweetheart, Arabella Racelis (known as ThatsBella) is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty vlogger. Fans love her for her spontaneity and feel-good vibes on screen. She may be one of the youngest in the industry, but she doesn’t fall short in her achievements. Aside from her numerous endorsements, she has constantly been a nominee […]

Viy Cortez

Kreativden Talent Influencer - Viy Cortez

Your #girlboss goals, vlogger, entrepreneur, and queen to digital superstar, Cong TV. Viy Cortez’s infectious laughter to her “words of wisdom” as Princess WoW, she has captured the hearts of millions of online viewers. She has been the face of a number of local beauty brands and endorser to food establishments.

Junnie Boy

Kreativden Talent Influencer - Team Payaman

Team Payaman is a powerhouse team when it comes to the country’s digital landscape. The team’s leader CongTV is currently top 3 among YouTube PH content creators of 2020. He is also #1 in the Breakout Creators list with 5 more members being part of the top 10 list; #2 Viy Cortez ; #4 Junnie […]

Papa Jackson

Kreativden - kreativden talent papa jackson 009 1

Top radio personality, Papa Jackson is best known for his spot-on pieces of advice on life and love on-air. Apart from being a multi-awarded radio DJ, he is also a book author, a motorcycle enthusiast, and now, a Youtube content creator. He has been sharing vlogs on his daily hustle, including videos of his popular […]

Gandang Kara

Kreativden - kreativden talent gandang kara 007

One of the country’s most loved radio DJ, Gandang Kara, is known for her good vibes and heartfelt love advice. She is also a voice talent, a TV actress, and now, a vlogger. Gandang Kara has millions of subscribers on Youtube watching her videos on her daily hustle as a multihypenate, her challenges and pranks […]